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Do You Want To Come To Canada?
by Tina Ferrer

If you plan to come to Canada as a tourist, student or
as an immigrant, I invite you to visit our website to get
information about the services we provide to people who
intend to come to Canada:

Website: http://www.vamosacanada.com/index_e.htm

We offer the following services:

A) Services for the immigrant (who has the visa already and
will be moving to Canada soon):

1. Airport pickup (Toronto only)

2. Temporary lodging *

3. Apartment search

4. Resume adaptation

5. Transportation from temporary lodging to apartment

6. SIN (Social Insurance Number) and Health Card obtention

7. Driver license

8. Bank Account

9. City map and info (Toronto only)

10. Kids school registration

11. Temporary Health Insurance (IHIP)

12. Accounting Services (I.e., Tax return)

13. Retirement (RRSP) and Education Savings (RESP) plan

14. Auto insurance

15. Airplane tickets

16. Car rental

17. Help buying a car

B) Services for students:

1. Airport pickup (Toronto only)

2. Homestay *

3. Bank Account

4. School registration

5. Competitive prices and promotions in only the best

6. English, French, TOEFL, TESL, IELTS and English for
business courses

7. Acting and Film courses

8. City map and info (Toronto only)

9. Summer and winter camps

10. Airplane tickets (with student discounts)

11. Transportation to schools (Toronto only, from our

12. Tours (provided by a 3rd party)

C) Services for tourists:

1. Airport pickup (Toronto only)

2. Lodging *

3. City map and info (Toronto only)

4. Airplane tickets (with student discounts)

5. Tours (provided by a 3rd party)

* The lodging / homestay is provided at our home, subject
to availability and at an additional cost.

Our home is located north of Toronto, in the suburbs.
Students may opt for the school homestay.

These services describe what we offer in general.
If you have special needs let us know what it is and we
will try to acommodate it.

I hope this helps. If you have any question or comment
please let me know.


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