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Enhancing Conversion Rate
by Dan Lambart

As an internet marketeter, what do you want? More visitors
or more customers? The answer is quite obvious. You need
to question yourself if you are making the effort needed
to convert visitors into customers. You must identify the
reasons for low conversion, what is lacking in your site?
You might have optimised your site through use of good key
words, got a high position on the search engine but if your
sales and profits have not increased then you need to check
whether you are working in the right direction.

First of all, take a very close look at your web site. Have
you made the web site only search engine friendly? Have you
ignored the customer's requirements of interesting reading?
Many web masters make the cardinal mistake of making over
optimising the site for search engines. You must realise
that search engines don't buy, it is the flesh and blood
human beings, your visitors, who decide to buy or not. Keep
your reader in mind right from the start of the web site
design process and don't just focus on the search engine.

Quality information with relevant content always make the
visitors ask for more information about your products and
services. Over selling on your web site will never help. All
the sales pitch that you use will not hold the visitors on
your web site any longer than they wish to stay. Only by
providing quality content you can catch the attention of
your visitors for a longer period. You must identify and
answer all probable questions that visitors may have and
then subtly present your products and services. Believe very
strongly in the adage "Content is King".

The basic purpose of online business is to sell. If you have
to sell more you need to understand your customer's needs
and behavior. Analyse which keywords are bringing customers
to your site, whether you are able to solve their problems,
if not, why and what will help them. You can break up the
study to examine individual pages, which is most visited,
little visited or from which page your customers exists your
website and why. All this study can help you give an easy
navigable path without confusing them or wasting their time.

Once you have figured out where the problem lies, change it
immediately for the better. Even in later periods keep on
monitoring your web site and try to make it user-friendly.
By constant checking of you web site's statistics you will
definitely achieve your aim of converting your visitors into

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