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How to use Keyword Marketing
by Desmond Mantor

Keyword selection plays a vital role in the search engine
optimisation process. Securing a high ranking in the search
engine results is possible only with the use of right

Whatever be your product or service, it is important to find
the correct keyword to target the niche market. Keyword
marketing is all about building a successful web site.
Keyword identification becomes important before you start
building content for your web site. A keyword is identified
by focusing on the products and services of your company and
the target audience you want to focus on.

With keywords gaining more importance there has been an
increase in the number of software and companies offering
keyword marketing services. They act as suggestion tools
which offer free or paid services to find the appropriate


To target the correct keyword, you can use Wordtracker,
which helps you find the correct keyword to build an
effective online marketing strategy. Wordtracker is an
ultimate tool, which helps you find the correct keywords
that your customers will be using to find the information
about the kind of products or services you offer.
Wordtracker not only tells you the keywords but also offers
key phrases, which are a combination of terms used by the
visitors. It charges a small amount for helping you find the
correct keyword.

The importance of keywords is increasing day-by-day and you
can take advantage of the correct keywords in a number of
ways. Once you have found the correct keywords, you can
start with the process of keyword marketing. There are some
perfect places where you can use these keywords to gain
maximum importance.

Enhancing Meta tags, Titles and Body of the Text

Keywords can be used in the most appropriate way to enhance
their use. They need to be used in the correct density and
with the correct placement to get higher impact. The use of
keywords in meta tags and title tags is very helpful and
easy. However, while using keywords in the body text you
need to be a little careful, as overdoing it will result in
spamming. Keywords density can be between 5-20% in the whole
body. It should gel well with the flow of the copy. SEO
experts can guide you about the right way of using keywords
so that the keywords are not used in bulk, which can result
in spamming.

PPC Marketing

Keywords play an important role when building a PPC
campaign. The keyword or the key phrase becomes important
when you buy a PPC advertisement as it is all about bidding
for the right keyword. To choose the correct keyword for PPC
advertisement you need to have a proper understanding of the
market, which will help you find the correct keyword. One of
the basic reasons of placing so much importance on keywords
is that with them you can get the best results for your
investment. If you choose the correct keyword in a PPC
campaign your web site visibility can increase manifold.

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