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Internet Marketing: Mistakes to Avoid
by Desmond Mantor

A well-planned marketing strategy helps you achieve newer
heights in doing business online. However, even in the best
of strategies we often make those mistakes, which do not
work in our favor. It is better to recognize these mistakes
and avoid them while making online marketing strategies.

1. Not focusing on the right market

Targeting the right market is vital to your plan. You might
offer the best of the products but if it is targeted at the
wrong market all your efforts are of no use. Make use of the
various tools available to identify the appropriate market.
Time spent on this research and finding the right keywords
to use in your campaign is worth it.

2. Dropping your present customers from the marketing plan

While building your marketing plan, you just focus on making
new customers and not on how to keep the old ones. If you do
not offer anything to your existing customers you will lose
them as well. Including your present clients in your
marketing plan will always benefit because if they give a
good word about your web site to their friends or
associates, then you have a fair chance of building new

3. Be careful with hard sell

A big mistake made in all the marketing plans is making each
web page a sales copy. Sales promotion on the whole web site
makes it uninteresting and the user also feels forced to
read each page. Do not make the visitor feel forced to buy
your products because pressurizing the visitors will just
make you lose a prospective client. Selling is an art. Do it
in a more subtle and sophisticated way.

4. Offering no content

Too many web site owners get very excited with the idea of
online business and forget to place interesting content on
their sites that can keep their visitors attracted to
their site. While making money is vital, providing good
information is even more important to build lasting
goodwill of the customers. Focusing only on showing many
advertisements on your site will not get you good results.
Quality content is the only answer to this challenge.

5. Ineffective Web Site

Many web masters feel that a dazzling and flashy web site
is a very effective one. But this is not correct all the
time. There are quite a few other ways of making your
website look and feel interesting to your visitors. You
can include a captivating headline which will attract
the visitors and engage their imagination. You can also
place testimonials from existing customers. Such comments
are taken very serioiusly by the visitors because people
believe in existing users more than advertising.

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