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Basics and Common Sense of Email Marketing
by Desmond Mantor

Email marketing is a great tool to inform your potential and
present customers about the services and new offers of your
company. Email marketing involves sending message to the
clients. So it is clearly a way of communicating with your

Typically a salesperson adopts some verbal techniques to
persuade you to buy a product. Similar techniques apply to
email marketing. However, the key difference is that normal
sales happen in a face to face interaction while email
marketing is not so. Your message become the only vehicle,
so to say, to present your company's products and services
to the customers.

You must first understand the basic, common sense of email
marketing before attempting to start a campaign. Like in
social life, email also demands "etiquette" of presentation.
Your email should make an impact on the reader and leave him
asking for more. Some basic issues which look simple but can
turn off your customer are discussed below.

Keep it Short and Simple

KISS - is a well known acronym for Keep it Short and Simple.
Customers don't like long winding messages about the
products and services of a company. They like crisp, to the
point, well written messages. On the other hand, KISS does
not mean writing everything in just one paragraph. You
must avoid long sentences and paragraphs. Customers get
tired reading from one end of the sentence to the other.
You must help the reader relax while reading your message.
Ultimately, the reader should leave your message with a
positive, pleasing thought about you and your products.

Format it Well

Using all capitals in an email message is equivalent of
shouting. In addition it does not look presentable at all.
Use capital letters only where they are absolutely required.
Follow this rule strictly if you want your customers to
read your messages.

Check your Grammar and Spellings

Imagine reading a sales copy that is full of spelling and
grammatical mistakes. Would you like to read such a message?
Therefore, keep the customer in your mind while writing
messages. If you want your customer to take you seriously
check for all possible grammar and spelling mistakes before
hitting that send button.

You can gain the trust of the customers through Correct
grammar and spelling. Mistakes in this area can easily
turnoff customers from your otherwise good quality products.

In online business, presentation counts a lot. Your
marketing campaign speaks a lot about your company and its
products. Make optimum use of every marketing tool you adopt
to leave the best impression on your prospects. Take care of
even the smallest things.

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