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Benefits of Online Advertising
by Desmond Mantor

Of late, online advertising has become a very powerful
and cost-effective tool to get more traffic to your
web site. It provides much more exposure to your products
and services than other forms of online advertising. If
you have an exclusively online business through your own
web site, online advertising becomes critical to your
success because it can substantially increase traffic to
your web site.

Online advertising companies sell these online
advertisements, which are available as pop-up ads, banner
ads, etc. Online advertising has become very important with
the number of web sites offering the same services as yours
increasing everyday.

Online advertising offers quality exposure to your web site.
Some of the more effective online advertising tools are
Search Engine Optimisation, email marketing, articles, pay
per click campaigns, classified ads, viral marketing etc.,

We give below a brief outline of the more popular online
advertising techniques:

Pay Per Click

In PPC advertising the operator places your website at a
specified place. When you purchase an advertising slot, it
gives you more realistic and relevant results.

Google Adwords is an effective way of of pay-per-click
online advertising. In this, your text ad will be displayed
with the search results. You get to display your ad on the
most popular search engine and can ensure good web traffic.
In these advertisements you get the freedom of selecting the
keywords. Every time a user types the specified keyword your
ad will be displayed. The advertising rate is very
reasonable and will depend on two factors. First is the
number of times your ad is displayed and second is the
position of the ad. The rates differ with the position of
the advertisements, which are from one to eight.

Pay for Inclusion

When you Pay for Inclusion, the Search Engine data base
includes your web site in its index. You are required to
pay specific listing fee. This is much the same as listing
your business in a local yellow pages. The fees differ for
different companies. Some charge on monthly basis others on
an annual basis. You also need to renew your account from
time to time.

Yahoo! is one site that offers this service for a certain
fixed fee. But if your site is not professionally optimised
listing in a search engine is of little use. Get help from
trained people for this activity.

Every search engine has peculiar requirements for listing.
Ensure that you follow their guidelines. You include your
site free of cost also, but paid inclusion guarantees that
your site gets better quality, prequalified traffic hence
more chances of converting visitors to customers. Of all
the options available for promoting your site, Search
Engines are the best because they can drive high volume,
right quality traffic to your site.

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