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Internet Marketing - A definitive Guide
by Dan Lambart

While Internet Marketing is nobody's patented secret, there
are some tips and techniques that are very useful. Like the
traditional marketing, Internet Marketing is also about the
customer, the market and then planning the strategies. A
two-pronged effort, on promoting the site as well as driving
traffic to the website is involved in Internet Marketing.

Start your marketing with Research and Planning and Analysis

Before starting with Internet marketing it is necessary that
you first carefully look at your products and services and
try to find out their USP's. For marketing it is very
important that you have a unique selling point, which
attracts the customers toward your products. It can be the
low price or the high quality value of your product that
makes it stand apart from other competing products. No
matter how big your marketing plan is, if it fails to
properly convey to the customer what is in store for
him/her, you have failed in your marketing strategy. This
can only happen if you are unaware of the market and the
requirements of your target audience. Once the traffic
starts pouring in, it is now time to analyze and evaluate
your web site. This helps in evaluating the customer's
requirements and finding out whether you have offered him
the right solution. It also helps in making your website
more user friendly.

Any Internet marketing technique has three basic aims.

1.Increasing web traffic 2.Retaining the traffic by
offering benefits based products and services 3.Turning the
visitors into customers

Increasing Web Traffic

Increasing traffic to the site is definitely a science. SEO,
Search Engine Optimisation is the tool that optimises our
keywords. Thus making your site more suitable for being
searched and "catch the attention" of search engine
algoriths. Properly applied SEO techniques give your site
higher search engine ranking which directly results in
increased traffic to your site.

The main objective of internet marketing is to promote your
products and services. This can be done only by increasing
traffic to your web site. There are many methods such as
link building, email and newsletters which can help you
promote your web site to your potential customers.

Benefits to the customers

Benefits can be offered to the visitor in a number of ways
and the most important of all is offering quality content.
Make sure that you provide informative content to keep the
customer hooked to your web site. The content can be
presented in the form of articles, e-books and the blogs,
which provide real and current information. The subjects of
the articles and e-books can be related to your web site
products. This will serve two purposes, one that the
customer will get quality information and the second that
you are offering information related to your products, which
makes the visitor interested in your products.

Last but not the least, Converting Visitors into Customers

The proof of pudding is in the eating. All marketing efforts
have to result in sales for them to be called a success.
This can only happen when you offer good, value for money
products that fulfil the need of a customer. Finally, more
than all your own words, a few testimonials from your
customers do the convincing better than any well written
ad copy.

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